Readers Ages 15 to 17 are saying…

It’s refreshing that the hero has her parents in the picture. Usually, they’re completely disconnected or they’re dead. Oh, and I definitely want a mistcrystal necklace.Natalie S., 17, Escondido, California

I thoroughly enjoyed the writing. It’s smooth and full of detail. I also like how the main character has her mom and dad involved.Levi T., 16, Greendale, Wisconsin

I would definitely buy it. The writing flows; it all fits. It’s not really even my genre anymore, but I really liked it —the descriptions and the dragons—they’re like visualizations.Robyn H., 15, Boise, Idaho

The characters, both the human ones and the dragons, really interested me. Plus, I like the pacing: things take off right away.Liam S., Escondido, California

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